Our GitHub and JIRA integrations are here!!

1. GitHub

With GitHub you can write docs-as-code in Markdown files. It syncs automatically to an archbee collection where it can be shared internally with non-technical team members. On top of that, you benefit of the same public sharing mechanism as every other collection..

It's a one-way sync (from GitHub to Archbee) by design. We believe git as a system works great because there is a human interaction requirement — when merge conflicts arise, somebody will need to manually merge the content in the files. When one side of the system is automated (as it would be in our case if the integration would be 2-ways), a 2-way system would not be able to protect your content from being injured in the process.

You can then easily publish the collection to your domain, and combine it at will with WYSIWYG collections to build your docs sites.

Note: Our GitHub/git integrations are just at the beginning. We plan to create another editor block that references chunks of code in the repositories to let you document SDKs and keep them in sync with the code. Similarly to our Doc Verifications feature, the new block will prompt you when the code goes out of sync with the documentation in archbee. This will be a great feature to have when internally onboarding developers as well, allowing you to create sequences to take them through your codebase if necessary. This is one of our major features to launch next Q.


Now you can paste JIRA issues after adding the integration, and they'll be automatically embedded in Archbee docs (and the content kept in sync). 

Our JIRA integration works well now, and we're looking to expand its capabilities based on your input. 

Happy documenting from the Archbee team!