Iframe embeds

You can now add any type of content around the web if it supports iframe embeds.

Just add an Iframe block.

Then paste the code provided by the app you want to embed in the code editor.

This way you can embed pretty much anything that supports embedding. 

Loom integration

Today we've released our Loom integration. How do you use it?

Really simple. Paste a link to a public Loom and our editor will detect, pick up and embed your video!

Happy archlooming!

Embed Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

You can now embed the very popular Google Drive files. How?

Go to your Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, publish it,

And then and copy the link and paste it into an Archbee doc, it will simply be embedded!

Custom JavaScript

Public spaces have many needs for integrations.

We can't build them all, but we can simply let you add the required JavaScript!

How do you do it? Very simple! Head to your docspace settings, to the integrations tab, and you'll be able to set your JS there.