May Product Update

In a nutshell, we've been hard at work improving our core tech, but we've also been able to sneak in a couple of nice to have features.


  • documents now load 7-10% faster;
  • we were able to shave 150 to 200 milliseconds off the realtime sync algorithm, making realtime collaboration better;
  • we've added more and better editor shortcuts (Markdown included); check the new shortcuts by hitting Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) + /;
  • we've changed our CDN to AWS CloudFront, and setup better firewalls to our APIs to mitigate next Denial of Service attacks;
  • certificate generation for hosted docspaces on your domains now happens in maximum 1 hour since the DNS has propagated, and we also have lowered their regeneration rate to 2 months;
  • hosted docspaces are now 15% to 60% faster, as we were able to cache some of the content close to your customers; this will also improve your SEO;
  • UI improvements across the board: more consistent spacing and colors throughout the app; cross platform scrollbars;
  • better support for Safari and Firefox; there's still work to be done here, but we strive to be 100% cross-browser as ~15% of you don't use Chrome-based browsers;
  • better support on mobile browsers;
  • we've started doing automated phishing scans to prevent malicious use of our platform.
  • our integrations come out of beta and are now generally available: GraphQL, Swagger, Github Gist, Loom, Google Drive, Numeracy, Codepen, Mode Analytics, Slack, Airtable, Trello, LucidChart, Typeform, Mindmaster, Prezi, Miro, Invision, Figma, Framer, Abstract, Marvel, Google Analytics, Intercom.
  • iframe embeds and custom javascript are generally available but will stay in beta for a while longer;
  • docx import comes out of beta.

What's next?

  • workspace-level domains, share any amount of docspaces in an URL format like this:;
  • desktop app;
  • improved datatables that draw inspiration from AirTable;
  • continued core technology improvements;
  • many misc. features asked by you; thank you for your great ideas in the Feature Wishlist, we watch them closely and many of them will get implemented.

Easter product update!

Happy easter! Here's what we've been working on the past weeks!

Document expansion preservation

Until now, everytime you opened a docspace, every document would expand and you would be able to see every one of their children.

While this was good for small docspaces, it was a nightmare for docspaces with more than 80-100 documents.

Now the document expansion will be saved and restored later for each user.

Swagger HTTP headers

You can now add headers to our Swagger UI component. This allows you to make authenticated requests to your API endpoint.

GraphiQL HTTP headers

You can now add headers to our GraphiQL component. This allows you to make authenticated requests to your API endpoint.

Docspace events

Until now, it was really hard to get a grasp of what your team has been working on and what happened to certain docspaces.

From now on we record events for docspaces and neatly show them when you click on a docspace!

Editor fixes

As you report small bugs in the editor to us, we fix them to improve the user experience. We fixed a bunch of bugs related to lists, link editing, paragraph spacing and more.

Editor performance

We made some optimisations to our editor, and document loading is now 10 to 15 percent faster.

New chat system for support

We've migrated to for providing realtime support.

New feature upvoting and roadmap system

Please go in there and upvote or suggest your desired features!